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Spikes is a fast-paced minimalist platformer. The goal of the game is to acquire keys, open doors, and get to the next level all while avoiding spike-based hazards. The game currently features over 70 levels (with more soon to come) each of which present unique platforming challenges. It also features full xbox 360 controller support and a level editor so you can create your own level "packages" and share them for others to play Feel free to share your level packages with others on the forums. The game is designed for speedrunning so your best times are recorded and saved. Have fun!

Keyboard Controls:

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to control your character on keyboard. Spacebar can also be used for jumping.

Press Escape to pause the game or go back to the previous menu. Press enter or spacebar to select a menu item.

Xbox 360 Controls:

Use Left Analog Stick to move around and the A button on an Xbox 360 controller to jump.

Press the Start button to pause the game and use the D-Pad to navigate the menus. Press the B button to go back and the A button to select a menu item.